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Interview with music producer Boom Beats

Interview with music producer Boom Beats

Ahmed aka Boom Beats is a music producer that has a passion for music, from heavy trap to melodic house. He constantly looks for new ways to infuse his culture and heritage into his beats, residing in Kuwait he continues to expand his music knowledge by learning more of the different flows in the spectrum of music. Known for having a artistic visual light show accompanied with his music makes Boom Beats melodies become unique in their own way.


We at Kingdome had the pleasure to interview the man behind the beats.


1.How did it all begin?

Well my love for music had always been there, but it all started from my love for technology. I was at a mall and saw this portable DJing device and I was so impressed with it. I bought it and the rest is history, who knew 6 years later i’d be a shareholder with that device’s company and making my own music.


2. Where did the name come from?

I love owls! known as Booma in arabic, and my music comes from Kuwait (Al Boom) and my beats go BOOM!


3. What gave you that initial push to become a Producer?

Definitely that love for music and the desire to put effort into it


4. What genre would you describe your tracks?

I produce tracks in different genres from different artists but my forte is hip hop any day of the week!


5. Who is your biggest inspiration? Who do you have a lot of respect for?

Right now it would be J Cole. I believe he is taking rap and music to where it needs to go, he makes his own beats too so that’s something I love about him.


6. What subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

Electro! After doing a few electro tracks and experiencing how fun and time consuming it can be to make an electro track, I believe it is way too underrated.


7. What was the first event you ever played at?

Aaah that would have to be at a local comedy show, it was so much fun!


8. When you play is it a pre planned set or live?

Definitely planned but performed right there, so nothing is premixed but I do know my set beforehand and it is only to give the audience a great show and leave no room for mistakes or silent moments.


9. Which other countries have you played?

Jordan, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar


10. What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ?

New Years in Jordan, cause I got to use my own visuals so we put on quite a show.


11. What is the best event you’ve played at?

That would be the same event…it was just too good.


12. Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

Getting too into it and tripping on the power cables, switching both my set and the screen off, I might have cried …a little haha.


13. What do you love about the scene?

All the up and coming new artists.


14. What is something that bugs you about the DJ scene?

The competition, as of now there isn’t really an active scene and everyone needs to work together to start the scene, then you can bite each other’s heads off…but just not now.


15. If you could eternally be stuck on one year’s music scene, which year would it be and why?

90’s for sure, such classics!


16.What was the first record you brought?

Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon


17.What is one track that got popular that you can’t stand?

Hahaha so so many, lately it’s been Panda.


18. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Recently, Signal’s “Sweet Loving” has been on repeat.


19. Out of all the tunes you have, which one “never fails”?

DMX’s Party up and Ruff Ryders’ Anthem, if a party is going sour…it’s always time to party up.


20. What is your favorite tune of all time?

Michael Jackson’s Beat It! No one can beat that.


21. Are you able to share any of your secret tricks with me?

Always prepare! and know your audience. It’s no secret but it does magic.


22. (Perhaps a little bit deeper of a question) What is your opinion regarding the difference between old school DJing where everything was restricted to vinyl and modern DJing where most tracks are never put on any physical medium before or after release?

Well to be honest it is just where technology is heading right now and the best thing to do is to keep up with it. Vinyl will always be there in some way or another, but the new age DJing allows you to do things with your tracks that is not possible with vinyl. So as a tech freak I make sure i am up to date with how the music industry is shifting, down to the recent “stems” method which really opens a lot of doors when it comes to remixes and live sets.


23. (Follow up) Do you think this has hurt exclusivity of having a certain sound? A DJ’s ability to have a “unique” style? Is having your own style separate from all the other DJs out there even important in modern DJing?

I think it is the most important thing! I mean almost all DJ’s have or use that same apps but these apps are much like an empty canvas, it is up to the artist to do what they want on it, and I think a musician should aim for their own style instead of aiming for just being different. You might sound different than anyone else out there but still suck at it haha.


24. When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

The first thing I do is hang out with familiar faces and get out of the partying mood completely


25. What do you do outside the dance music scene?

Well I love art and I’ve been doing a lot of digital pictures and collages it’s a nice quite thing to level out the craziness of the music haha


26. Where do you think the scene is headed? One year from now? Five years from now?

I think it’s going somewhere! I mean seeing the amount of new people who are in the scene right now is just beautiful and I think in 5 years we would see a matured scene along with proper shows that the people here need/deserve.


27. What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJ’s/Prodcuer’s making?/What advice would you give them?

Competing and comparing, also not working with others, I mean if it weren’t for the help of many I wouldn’t be were I am today. I hope one day the young ones can have an open mind and look up to their peers. 


It was a pleasure to have music producer Boom Beats as part of Kingdome.



Written by: Fay Al-Homoud
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